Voice Actors Needed! Please!

2017-03-27 02:54:40 by 360Tankman

Anyone who can voice act, please help me! I've been writing a fan film and I need all the help I can get!

Animators Wanted

2017-03-16 20:07:23 by 360Tankman

My Little Pony Rise Of Blood Bolt Written by AnimeCitizen 2012-2016

If you wish to give your voice in for certain characters, just message me. I've been working on the fan film for almost 4 years straight. Rewriting, editing, grammar check, removing lines, adding lines, fixing lines. This wasn't easy especially when I was designing, video editing and casting all at one. so if you see a few errors I missed and a few bumps in the story, sorry. You can't unfairly judge me since this has been in the works since I joined back in 2011. I've received little help and tried my hardest, so don't be too quick to judge if the story is bad. I guarantee you, this story is way better than the Equestria Girls trilogy since I don't use High School themes or rip off others. I was inspired by many films, songs and shows to make this thing. I've gone through blood, tears, sweat and heartbreaks to finish this thing. So Without further explanation, here's the rest of it.


Act 1-5

Act 6-10

Act 11-15

MLP Fan Film Script Completed

2013-12-23 15:18:49 by 360Tankman


The My Little Pony Fan-Movie Script is fully completed! After 3 whole years, which sadly was taken from personal issues, procrastination, and other projects I had to do, This thing s ready to roll!

Please join my project today! I'm a writer, video editor and designer. I need an animator pronto. Please contact me in skype. I need help and get started right away. Please don't judge harshly, the second link is an old storyboard and the first test for the movie. I don't know if Newgrounds is still in use but, please! Help me!

MLP Fanfilm

2011-06-26 15:23:21 by 360Tankman

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Get a look at the Fan trailer for the fan movie.

MLP Fanfilm